The Edith Dress

Short: R1 170.00 (Tulle Overlay)

Long: R1 250.00* (Tulle Overlay)

Short: R1 310.00 (Lace Overlay)

Long: R1 420.00* (Lace Overlay)

The Gelique Edith dress is another popular choice for bridesmaids and pregnancy shoots. This dress gives you the versatility of the convertible with the comfort of a boobtube. The standard Edith has tulle bands to wrap into a wide variety of styles to suit your taste as well as a tulle skirt layer to soften any imperfections you think you may have. The bands can be cut from a selection of other fabrics, should you prefer. This dress also has the option to choose any of our available skirt styles, making it one of our dreamiest, most popular dresses.  

This dress is available in all of our skirt styles. 

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