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About Us

Like any fashion designer I am obsessed with patterns and fabrics.  Like most women I have also been so many different shapes and sizes I have lost count.

As the owner of Gelique, we have been specializing in more formal wear.  During this time, I have been longing to create a ready to wear range for women who are both modern yet love classic items. I am inspired by the 50's and wearing clothes I can breath and feel comfortable in.

Because I know how few clothing items I have in my closet that actually make me feel like a confident women, especially when I am not the shape I would prefer to be, I decided to create a line that I could wear and look great in and, more importantly, I think other women could find joy in wearing.


Every piece is designed for myself,  altering it until I get the most comfortable fit without compromising on style.


My wish is that every women at whatever stage or shape she finds herself in, will not only look good but more importantly feel fantastic in my range.

I am one of those late morning risers that try get every last second of sleep in before I absolutely have to get up. This doesn't leave much time to put the perfect look together (I know there are more of you out there). My team and I have spent some time styling each item in at least 5 different looks for those days when you just don't have the time to think of what works.

These pieces are meant to take you from season to season, year in and year out. Capsule items you can dress up or down and keep forever.

When it comes to the fabric the aim was to use the best quality and the most environmentally friendly I could source. Linen was the natural choice. It is not only one of the most biodegradable fabrics available but its strong woven fibers are made to last. Linen is easy to care for and gets softer after every wash (doesn't that just sound perfect!). With this quality, comes price but I believe that its amazing qualities make up for it's price. Purchasing linen garments is an investment and its, definitely, an item you will have for a long time if you care for it properly.


I look forward to sharing this new journey with you and I am so excited to share a piece of me through my designs. These are clothes and styles I love and wear, items I feel comfortable in and, most importantly, feel beautiful in.


If you love comfortable clothing with a feminine touch I am sure you are going to love any item you choose from my range. Oh and I will make my utmost best to ensure you always get pockets....because why wouldn't you. ;)


Classic, Modern, feminine and inspired by nature.

I hope you feel naturally beautiful in Ella Bella because you are!

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