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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Gelique make custom designs?


Gelique only make our range of dresses. However, all our items can be customized according to your preferences. This way we don't have to charge you for the hours in making up a pattern just for you, but you can still design and create your own bespoke garment.

What fabrics do you use?


We offer a wide range of fabrics and colours to choose from.
Our base dress is typically made using Venetia or Bon Bon. These are the best quality stretch fabrics in South Africa and look and feel amazing.
Customers can also choose from a variety of chiffons, tulles, laces, mesh to add as extra layers on their customized item.
We also offer Satin as an option on some our designs.

I can't get my bridesmaids to Gelique, can I order just with their measurements?


Absolutely. Gelique aims to make online shopping easy. Visit our "Design Your Dress" app to choose your styles, enter your measurements and place your order.

How long does production take?


Our standard production line runs for a 4 week period, but this is based on how busy we are. Obviously, we do work on a first come first serve basis so don't leave it too late. In peak seasons, we can be fully booked for up to 2 months.

We always do our best to try assist all customers, so please contact us and we will always try make a plan to assist you as quickly as possible (This may incur and additional rush fee)

Do you have a flower girl range?


Yes, we do have a flower girl range. Some of the range is already on the website and we will be adding more in the future. In the mean time, please email us and we will happily send you a catalogue.

Does Gelique hire out dresses?


We do not hire our dresses for weddings or events, as we would prefer to make you your own unique item in the colour and size you require. Our dresses are very competitively priced and generally can be worn well after the event.

Will my dress need alterations?


Our aim has always been to not have our customers come in for multiple fittings and our range has been designed with this in mind. However, with any custom hand-made item there is always a small chance of an alteration being necessary.

With so many different body shapes and sizes, we also sometimes need to make a few "tweaks" to ensure the perfect fit.

Lengths are our biggest alteration.

We are always willing to assist with alterations.

What happens if my dress needs alterations?


If you have ordered a custom made dress from Gelique and you find that it isn't fitting you exactly as you would like it to, you are welcome to either bring it in to one of our branches and fit the dress (with an assistant)or you can take a photo of yourself in the dress, note what changes are needed and then courier the dress to our head office in Pretoria.

Once we receive the item, it will be reviewed by our Production Manager. The outcome will be communicated to you via email and confirm the changes with you accordingly.

You, generally, don't need an appointment to bring in an alteration, but please check your nearest branch's operating hours before popping in.

Do I need to bring heels with to the appointment?


If you can, please do. The closer you have to the right heel length the closer we are to making the garment the right length the first time. This reduces the possibilities of any length alterations being needed in the future.

Can all your dresses be made in any colour?


All our dresses can be made in any of the colours we have in our range (these colours are available at all our branches and on our website) but not always in all of the fabrics. Some designs cannot be made in satin fabric.

We have over 400 different fabric types and colours

What does a custom made dress made at Gelique mean?


A Gelique custom made garment means you get to choose the base design from our range and completely customize it according to your own personal taste.
You can choose the fabrics, colours, bodice options, back options, sleeve options and skirt cuts. You can also choose what extra layers get added. You get to design your own garment, completely unique and made just for you.

How do I book an appointment?


You can send us a message from our website, give us a call or send us a email.

Do you sell the infinity dress?


Yes!. We call it the Gelique Convertible Dress. This was the 1st dress in our range and is still, probably, the most versatile dress any women can own.

I can't get to one of your branches, can I still order?



Orders can be placed online on our easy to understand "Design Your Dress" app.

Need help? Just give us a call and we will help you complete the order.

How can I see the actual colour and fabric?


We have tried our best to have all colours on our website match the colour in reality. However, everyone's screens and phones are all differently and may show the colour slightly different.

If you want to be 100% sure, we suggest popping into one of our branches or ordering fabric samples that can be couriered straight to your door (this can be done on our website).

Do you sell mother of the bride dresses?


Our range has been designed to suit everyone. Many of our dresses are great options for mother of the bride.

Do you make wedding dresses?


Any of our dresses can be turned into a gorgeous wedding dress. Change the colour, add a train or add some extra lace to make it your perfect wedding dress without breaking the bank.

We have also been working on a affordable, boho Wedding Dress range. Keep an eye out as this will be coming soon.

Do you make dresses for pregnant ladies?


We can make a dress for anything you need. Stretch fabric is great for this period of your life and the chances are the dress is going to look amazing on you now and after the little one has arrived.

Can I send you a picture of the dress I want?


You are welcome to send us a photo of a dress style you are looking for. We don't make bespoke designs but will try help you chose the dress in our range and make recommendations to get as close to your custom design as possible.

I saw a dress on your social media can you make a dress like that?


Yes! Generally, if you saw it on our page we can make it. However, please keep in mind that some of the dresses have been made specifically for our Photoshoot Hire Catalogue. While these are beautiful they are once off designs and are generally very expensive to make.

Contact us and we can assist with pricing and/or alternative options.

Are Gelique dresses expensive?


We try and keep our dresses as affordable as possible for our clients as we understand how expensive weddings and events can be.

Our dresses have starting prices between R840 - R3000. Obviously, customizing the dress does add extra costs but we let you make those decisions.

Can I bring my own fabric?


Unfortunately, not. Our range has been designed around our chosen fabrics. As a result our factory is setup for these fabric.

With our wide range of fabric and colour options, we should be able to assist you with any colour requirement. Own.

Why choose Gelique?


We have been in the industry the longest starting in 2010.

We pride ourselves in, not only, making the best quality garments at the best prices possible but to also offer our customers the best service and communication possible.

Check out our Google reviews to see our many happy customers.

Are the dresses made in South Africa?


100%. We are proudly South African. All garments are designed and manufactured in our small factory in Pretoria by 11 women.

We source all our fabric from local suppliers.

What dress will work if I am pregnant ?


Most of Gelique's dresses will work on a preggie belly, but some styles may need a few tweaks to get the best fit.

Contact us and we will happily assist in finding the perfect dress for you.

What underwear can I wear with the dress?


Underwear can always make or break your look, the wrong underwear and all the effort goes down the drain.

We always recommend seamless underwear as this is the best solution for any stretch fabric.

Designs that have thin straps should be worn with stick on cups, a strapless bra or a bra with straps that can be changed to invisible straps.
Always make sure your underwear is well fitting.

When do I need to pay?


A 50% deposit is required to book your space in our production line and the fabric. This can be paid as soon as possible but no later than 5 weeks before your collection date.

Garments do not enter our production system without a 50% deposit paid on each item.

Outstanding amount can either be paid in cash on collection or via EFT at least 3 days before collection.

Our online ordering requires payment at time of ordering but we do offer buy-now-pay-later payment options (which are interest free)

How many fittings do I need?


Your time is precious and the effort of going up and down for multiple fittings is unnecessary.

We aim to have our garment right the first time so no fittings are needed. You order and then you collect.

Should any changes or alterations be needed, pop in to one of our branches or email us and our Production Manager will confirm all changes as soon as possible.

What reference do I use when paying?


Every garment will have a unique order number. This number should be used when making payments via EFT.

Should a bride want to pay for all her dresses at once the first 6 digits e.g. PB5369.1, PB5369.2, PB5369.3, PB5369.4 can all be paid with just using PB5369 or the bride's name and surname.
Please do not use "Dress" or "Gelique" or only your surname. At any given time we have up to 4000 orders in our system and we do not want to allocate your funds to the incorrect person.

How do I know how far you are with my order?


We always keep clients informed along the way.
Our Order Process
1) Order is placed and Invoice is sent by the following Tuesday.
2) Any changes can be sent via email to us at
3) A Confirmation Email will be sent to you 5 weeks before your collection date to confirm no changes are needed and all deposits are paid before we start the production.
4) The week of your collection you will receive a email to confirm amounts outstanding as well as your chosen branch of collection or couriering details.
5) Collection at one of our three branches or have your dress sent to your door for a small fee
6) Try on at our studio or in the comfort of your own home
7) Need a alteration, no worries. Either come in with the dress so we can fit it on you and note the changes or take a photo of yourself in the dress and pop us a email with your changes required. Courier the dress back to us or have someone drop it off. (Please note all couriering is for the clients own cost)

Do you need a appointment?


If you would like to try on you need an appointment. This is for us to allocate time just to you were we can give you our undivided attention.

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