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Terms & Conditions

Gelique Couture | Bridesmaid Dresses | Evening Wear | Pretoria | Cape Town | Johannesburg


  • Gelique does charge for appointments.  Rates are determined by number of guests and duration of appointment.

  • Standard appointments have a duration of one (1) hour on the hour. Please ensure you are on time for your appointment, as appointments cannot be extended.


Ordering & Payments

  • An invoice is sent for each order placed to the email addresses provided. One copy is sent to the main order and one to the bride. PLEASE CHECK YOUR INVOICE.  All items will be made exactly according to this invoice. If you have any concerns please contact us immediately.

  • Please provide the correct email addresses when completing your details.  Email is our means of communication.

  • Gelique requires a 50% deposit for items to be considered for production.

  • All deposits must be paid 3 weeks (15 working days) prior to the collection date. Without a deposit, Gelique cannot commence with the production of your item.

  • Please use your order number as a reference when making a deposit or payment.  This number allows
    Gelique to link the payment to your order. Failure to use the correct reference may result in payments not being allocated correctly.

  • Please notify Gelique immediately if you wish to make ANY CHANGES to MEASUREMENTS on your order.

  • ALL CHANGES must be communicated to Gelique prior to confirming the order. GELIQUE (and its employees) do not take any responsibility for changes made after this deadline. Production on any item is initiated once confirmed is received and any changes thereafter will not considered. Clients will be liable for the full amount for the order.

  • All changes to orders are to be done via email, with your order number to insure correct orders are being updated. Only changes made via email will be accepted. Not via SMS, Whatsapp or phone.



  • Gelique does NOT do fittings on collection. On the day of collection, items are to be collected only and paid for should any outstanding amounts be due.

  • To facilitate collections, Gelique requests all clients to bring a hard-copy of their proof of payments on the day of collection, if payment was made via an EFT.

  • In the unlikely event that you feel that the item does not meet your expectations or discrepancies exist between the item and order invoice, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss.

  • Please ensure all orders for the same bridal party are collected and paid for together. Clients tend to leave some dresses behind and never collect.

  • Orders must be collected within 2 months of the agreed collection date or they will be sold to defray expenses. Any amounts already paid to Gelique will also be forfeited.

  • All orders must be confirmed and finalized within 6 months from order date or the order will be considered cancelled and all amounts already will be paid to Gelique will be forfeited. 



  • In the unlikely event that your dress doesn’t fit Gelique will do everything in our power to assist. Gelique will provide 1 free alteration if you have any fitting or quality issues with your garment which are due to an error on our part.

  • All costs, including shipping, will be covered by Gelique.

  • Gelique must be notified of the issue within 5 working days of receiving the garment.

  • What is covered:

    • Altering of garment to match confirmed order measurements.  Should the garment's measurements not match the confirmed order measurements Gelique will alter the garment under the free alteration policy. Changes in your measurements due to weight loss, weight gain or incorrect measurements captured on the order will not be covered under the free alteration policy.

    • Altering of garment to correct colour if made in the incorrect colour. The free alteration policy does not apply to changes in choice of colour or if the customer is not happy with the final colour. We do offer swatch samples to ensure customers are fully aware of the colour before ordering.

    • Altering of garment due to quality issues. Any quality issue (sewing, finishing, etc) will be covered under the free alteration policy. All quality issues will be assessed by our Quality Manager before any work is completed on the item.

  • What is not covered:

    • Change in customer's choice of finished item (e.g. change in style of bodice)

    • Change in customer choice of colour. 

    • Customer entering or confirming the incorrect measurements, style, fabric type and/or colour. We are happy to assist with any questions you may have regarding sizing, fabric, etc.

    • Any quality issues arising from wearing the garment. We have experienced garment technologists who will inspect returned garments.

    • Any malicious or intentional damage to the garmet. We have experienced garment technologists who will inspect returned garments.

  • Gelique offers an alteration service on all areas not covered under the alteration policy.  However, all costs of the alteration will be for the customer's expense. Gelique will endeavor to offer the alterations at the lowest cost possible.

  • Please allow us a minimum of 2 weeks for alterations.  If items are returned less than 2 weeks before the event date, Gelique may decline undertaking the alterations.  

  • Gelique Couture takes no responsibility for costs incurred by the customer as a result of taking the garments to a third party for alterations. This is done at the customer's own risk and cost.


  • In the event of a customer cancelling in an order once confirmed (via email) and a deposit has been paid, an amount equivalent to 50% of the TOTAL order will be retained to cover admin, finance and production costs.

  • In the event or a customer cancelling an an order where a deposit has been paid and the order is not confirmed (via email) an amount of R300 per item will be retained to cover admin and finance costs.

Colours & Fabric

  • As Gelique has no control over the manufacture of the fabric used in our items, Gelique cannot take responsibility for slight changes in colour that may take place. However, Gelique will ensure that all changes are kept to a minimum. The client will be notified if colour changes are significant.

  • As Gelique is dependent on importers for fabric, Gelique cannot take responsibility for colours of fabric becoming unavailable (out of stock). In these instances, Gelique will communicate this to the client and attempt to provide suitable alternatives.

  • Every item is quality assessed before being made available to client. However,  slight defects may occur from time to time. In these instances, please see our return policy below.

  • All colours displayed on the website and/or flyers are our best effort at a match to the actual fabric colour. Gelique takes no responsibility over differences in colour between the website/flyer and the actual colour received.

  • Please note that due to different monitor/screen settings colours may appear differently to the actual colour intended.


Sale Items

  • Sale only applies to selected dresses in store and online. 

  • Sale does not apply custom orders placed in store or online, unless stated otherwise.

  • No refunds or exchange on sale items.

  • All sale items will be sold on a first come first serve basis.

  • Gelique has the right to withdraw sale items at any time.

  • While every effort is made to keep stock quantities correct, Gelique may decline an order if the item is no longer available.

  • Sale items may have slight defects .


  • All photographs used for advertising purposes, whether it be online, on, Gelique’s Facebook page or any other online location, or print media (magazines, etc.) remain the property of the photographs' owner.

  • From time to time, Gelique will request previous customers to submit photographs, with the intention of using these photographs for advertising purposes.

  • By submitting photographs to Gelique, the customer gives his/her approval and consent for these photographs to be used for advertising purposes. If you do not wish your photographs to be used for advertising purposes publications, please do not submit them to Gelique.

  • Gelique will request permission from the photographer when photographs are used for advertising purposes.

  • Gelique will make every effort to ensure all information (such as the customer name and photographer’s details) is correct at the time of publication.


Return Policy (Made to Order)

  • Made to Order includes all 'Design Your Dress' orders.

  • Gelique does not offer refunds on custom sized garments. Should the item not have been made as per your invoice, Gelique will alter it at no charge to the customer. Please note that changes to the garment design will not be allowable at this stage and only alterations to measurements and/or  correction of defects will be made to ensure the garment matches the signed-off invoice.

Return Policy (Off-The-Shelf)

  • All off-the-shelf garments purchased are fully refundable (with a Gelique voucher - no cash refunds) or exchangeable if the garment is unworn with swing tags intact.

  • No cash refunds will be made (only applicable to off-the-shelf garments). All refunds will take the form of a Gelique voucher equaling the value of the refunded purchase.

  • Should you be interested in a different size (only applicable to off-the-shelf garments), exchanges are welcome. However, Gelique will not be liable for any courier fees or transport costs involved.

  • If the off-the-shelf garment (not made to order) is flawed or made incorrectly, we will happily either replace or refund (with a Gelique voucher) you once it has been returned to Gelique (within 5 days from receiving it) and and evaluated by our quality control team. Please note that any costs associated in returning the garment to Gelique will be at the expense of the customer.

  • Please notify Gelique via e-mail ( before doing so and specify what your reason is for returning the garment. Ensure that the tags are still attached and the garment is in its original state.

  • Once we have received the garment and done the necessary checks, we will contact you with details of the refund or exchange. 

  • Please give Gelique 7 work days time from returning the garment to process the refund.

  • Please take note of the care label that is attached to the garment. Gelique does not take any responsibility for anything that goes wrong with regards to the cleaning of garments. All instructions for washing care are on each garment.

  • No refunds will be awarded in the case of malicious or intentional damage to our product and we have experienced garment technologists who will inspect returned garments.

  • Gelique will not be held liable for any transport or delivery costs incurred by the customer to return goods.

  • Gelique shall have no obligation to accept any return that you desire to make after the expiration of the applicable return period (5 days after receipt of your parcel), or if the garment has been worn or there is visible damage to the product.

  • Please ensure when returning the parcel that the products are properly protected so as to be received by us undamaged.

  • You are responsible for postage costs on returned items until it has been confirmed the reason for returning.  We recommend using registered mail to return items, as we are not liable for any items lost in the post.

  • Return Address:
    678 Old Farm Road
    Faerie Glen

  • Unfortunately, no refunds will be offered on masks due to hygienic reasons.

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